Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start here!

    • Welcome!

    • Download your empty timeline!

  • 2

    Filling in your timeline

    • Venue time block

    • Sunset? Golden hour?

    • Ceremony start time and ceremony length

    • Example (with photos!)

    • Getting ready

    • Transportation

    • Photography

    • VIDEO: Creative ways to make your photography schedule work

    • Vendor deliveries and set up

    • Processional/Recessional

    • Cocktail hour and a "flip"

    • Dinner

    • Food and alcohol

    • Traditions

    • Music throughout the day

    • A dance party soundtrack

    • Cleaning as you go

    • Clean up/"walk away service"

  • 3

    Mini video responses to questions from real couples

    • What do our guests do during the break between our Catholic ceremony early in the day and the evening reception?

    • Should we start our ceremony exactly on time no matter what?

    • Getting to the venue hours early... yay or nay?

    • How should I assign the hair/makeup schedule and getting ready times for my wedding party?

    • I am very anxious/introverted and want to create a timeline that accommodates that. Help?

    • I have interesting family dynamics, how can I account for that in the timeline?

  • 4

    You're all done! Plus a discount code!

    • Congrats!